Progressive Patterns



Patterns and Principles of Prophecy

An easy-on-the-history workbook that lays the foundation by reading from only the Bible

This is the promised workbook that grew out of campmeeting workshops. Student after student praised the method of simply reading straight through the prophecies with the help of only markers and charts. They said this never before seen method clarified the prophetic sequences in their own minds and helped them see the repeating patterns without all the clutter that gets introduced by lots of history and jumping around the Bible. get it here…

Eternity Explained

Eternity Explained- two series of books for atheists and Adventists

God and religion are under fire and ridiculed with skepticism. What is true? What is false? What appears true but is really false, and vice versa? The only way to surely know for yourself is to see the big picture and know the whole truth. Such a task seems impossible and buried under technical language and proofs, but this series shows a better, easier way that God Himself used to inspire the Bible. Progressive patterns illustrate, repeat, and expand, and help us discern the essential from the important from the unimportant. Everyone from atheists to Adventists should read the free online series here…

A printed series for Adventists, sort of like a teacher's manual, with Spirit of Prophecy support will follow later.

Matthew, Daniel, and Revelation

This set of simple worksheets with answer keys helps emphasize the timelines and sequences of prophecy which form the foundation for the complex details of advanced prophetic topics. This fill-in-the-blank style of prophecy study is perfect for sharing with friends and neighbors. It was used in my first campmeeting classes. Download a free pdf.

Nature Articles

Click here to go to the index page of all the articles written for the Oregon Conference eCommunique newsletter. This is an ongoing series to inform and inspire readers of the scientific and spiritual benefits of getting outdoors. Enjoy the pictures! Share a place that you would like to see featured!


Thoughts and musings from the trail and daily life.

Enoch Walks

My nature blog.

In Brief

The day comes

Beginning of dawn, beginning of night,

An endless day, an endless night.

The sky is alive with angel light!

Saints are wrapped in clothes of white!

Rapture, splendor, glorious sight!

The breadth and length, depth and height,

is filled with beauty dazzling bright.

The day comes to make things right,

for God's children to take their flight.