Progressive Patterns


This section is my scrap pile and my cooking pot. I doubt many will find it interesting, but I thought I would include it for the sake of those few who want a "behind the scenes" look at how someone else thinks and takes notes.

We can only think one thought at a time and focus on one topic at a time, but with persistence, patience, and more time thoughts and topics can be connected into coherent pictures of truth and insight. This section of the website is a loose collection of thoughts, notes, and studies in process of forming into patterns. Some pages may be annotated with comments for me or for you. I share these in mostly raw form so many of the non-studious among us can see how messy presentations can be in the beginning. We poke and prod and explore dead ends before seeing our way through to complete the connections.

Some will change over time and others may sit dormant for eons or death, which ever comes first. Some of these pages are already forgotten orphans, having been swallowed up in other studies and presentations. Please understand that these collections may be incorrect and I have since advanced in better directions. Please drop me a note pointing out where I forgot to clean up! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. It may spur me to complete a study.