Progressive Patterns

Patterns and Principles of Prophecy

This is the promised workbook that grew out of campmeeting workshops. Student after student praised the method of simply reading straight through the prophecies with the help of only in-text markers and charts. They said this never-before-seen method clarified the prophetic sequences in their own minds and helped them see the repeating patterns without all the clutter that gets introduced by lots of history and jumping around the Bible.

The book develops a prophetic timeline starting with the prophecy of the Seed's first coming given to Adam and Eve. Enoch later added the prophecy of Christ's second coming.

We then examine that same timeline expanded by Moses. The Hebrew religious calendar that starts with Passover and ends with the Day of Atonement and Jubilee. The pattern repeats and progresses.

It then provides a framework into which Daniel places the empires and the cleansing of the sanctuary. The spiritual pattern being developed makes the interpretation of Daniel 9 almost automatic--no gaps, no outside monsters, look inside church history for the abomination of desolation. The cleansing of the sanctuary then becomes much simpler to interpret, and all this understanding takes place without distracting dates and history. The readers understand--not merely memorize--the prophecies and why they were given and how they are connected. They are then ready for a later, second round that dives into every textual and historical detail.

The reader is also ready to incorporate Matthew 24 and to appreciate the 7x7 outline of Revelation based on the sanctuary. While the reader cannot explain every little detail like Uriah Smith or Mervyn Maxwell, they can lead another person through a straightforward reading of Daniel and Revelation in an organized, intelligent manner. This goes a long ways towards leading their student to the historical interpretation and away from the futurist.

Download a free pdf to see for yourself!

What people are saying

"Please bring this in the churches because it focuses on Bible-only, NOT opinion."

"This needs to be in the churches to show God is in charge."

"I love the overview presentation and fitting all things into a gap-free outlook. I love your spiritual applications since all these prophecies are about Jesus and God and love and mercy."

"This would be a good weekend seminar for our churches to help us not repeat the actions of the Jews."

"It is not another prophecy class where they are gonna pick verses from all over the place."

"I learned about keeping prophecy simple."

"I will go through the guides until I can do it blindfolded, so I can explain."

"The best lesson was how to make a spiritual connection vs only dates and history."

"Very good chart. I will use it with others."

"I like the teaching style--moving through slowly. I have done a decent amount of study of Daniel, but I am learning much in this class. It is a blessing."

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