Progressive Patterns

Skiing the crest of the Oregon Cascades (2017)

Introduction - Feb 7

The Oregon Crest Ski Route is nothing official and it is certainly not marked. It just describes the route I will take as I loosely follow the Pacific Crest Trail using my GPS. I need to take extra precautions from avalanches and river crossings because I will be skiing solo. The PCT shows up as a thin red line on the map, while my route shows up as a thick blue line. You will not see it all at once, because I will ski it in sections during the next couple of months as weather permits. White-out producing storms are neither fun nor safe, and they also ruin photo ops! My first weather window looks like it opens up this Sunday. I will post stories and pictures as I complete each section. Stay tuned!

Why am I skiing over 400 miles? Because it is rather difficult to walk, and Enoch likes to walk and needs to walk! Sitting at a computer all day long is more tiring than exercising, and I need days with God, not just minutes or hours. Can't walk in the snow, so I will ski. Also, this just seems to be something He put in my heart last fall and as I keep praying about it, He is not changing it. So I will ski with Him!

Finally, I want to use this opportunity to raise money for the PCT hospitality center at Big Lake Youth Camp. It is the main (perhaps only) trail angel place along the trail in Oregon. Hundreds of Millennial and GenX hikers eat, shower, wash clothes, and resupply there. The camp is even building a "PCT Hut" in which hikers can relax and take care of their gear. This ministry involves many staff and tens of thousands of dollars. In all my talking with hikers and reading their blogs, I have always heard only positive comments! Many often talk about helping millennials. Well, now you can go to Big Lake's site to donate! (Use the button at the bottom labeled, Capital Projects.)


The map below is a Google map customized with my GPS tracks each day. The orange is the Pacific Crest Trail. It goes all the way from Mexico to Canada, but I am only showing the sections that are in Oregon, which is almost 450 miles. (The southernmost section is actually mapped with northern California.) The reds and purples alternate with each other to show each section, and the darks and lights alternate to show each day within each section.


Daily Posts

These posts have a time delay, because I can't finish editing both the words and photos until I get home in between sections.