Progressive Patterns

Oregon Crest Ski Route

* As of Feb 5, 2019 I still need to ski from Diamond Lake to Government Camp. I also need to establish good routes between Mt. Ashland and Callahans, and between Lolo Pass and Washington.

* I use AlpineQuest from Psyberia Software on my Android phone to download maps for offline use and GPS tracking. It is only $10 through the Google Play Store. I primarily use USGS Maps - Topo Scan and Openstreetmap - Cycle/Hike. This gives me different overviews and details when I am in the backcountry. Once in a great while I will use Bing Road Maps and Bing Aerial Maps.

* My latest KML file can be downloaded here and loaded into AlpineQuest. It looks like all features are preserved except line widths.

* Line widths: 3=trail; 5=backroad; 8=mainroad

* Colors: Green=safe; Yellow=caution/untried; Red=difficult/danger; Blue=PCT

* The forest service often keeps outhouses open for emergency shelters in winter, but they might be locked for winter, especially if in a private campground. They also might be buried in snow!