Eternal Hope Creations
Eternal Hope Creations

With Nature and With God

This is an ongoing series articles written for the Oregon Conference eCommunique newsletter. Its purpose is to inform and inspire readers of the many scientific and spiritual benefits of getting outdoors. Enjoy the pictures! Share a place that you would like to see featured!


1- With Nature and With God

2- Silver Falls

3- Unspectacular Grace

4- Inhale the White River Falls

5- City Boy to Country Boy

6- Fresh Expeditions

7- Big Sky, Big Thoughts

8- What to do when you get there

9- Two Amazing Women Hikers

10- Crater Lake

11- A walk in the park

12- Green Lakes

13- Table Rocks

14- Almost Eden

15- Southern Oregon Coast

16- Central Oregon Coast

17- Northern Oregon Coast

18- Nature has gone nuts

19- Back to the glory

20- Glacier Peak, part 1

21- Glacier Peak, part 2

22- Glacier Peak, part 3

23- How to backpack- and enjoy it!

24- Natural Christmas gifts

25- How to walk with God- and enjoy it!

26- Meiss Lake

27- Ridgefield Refuge

28- Bridges

29- Bubble gum for starving souls