Progressive Patterns

Enoch Walks

The regal redwood rules the heights.

Dewy ferns blanket the forest floor.

Chipmunks scamper and rabbits race

across the earth and from shore to shore.

Great Lakes, Great Plains, Mohave Desert,

Appalachians, Rockies, Sierra, Cascades,

we are surrounded and filled with awe

by scenic memories that never fade.

"Come out! Come out! My children, come out!

Let's go exploring. Let's walk, run, and play!

Break down the gates of your city prison.

Enjoy the glory of a beautiful day!"


Nature has had a profound effect on me and has been instrumental in changing the course and outlook of my life. This section of the website is my feeble attempt to share the lessons, blessings, and wonders I have received. Based on my own experience, observing others, and scientific research, I am convinced that everyone can receive tremendous, even eternal, benefits by immersing themselves in the good things in nature. Simple enjoyment of the simple things is the key of peace that opens the gate to a return to innocence.